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4-20mA Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter With Hart


We provide a full series of smart pressure transmitter that including:

WNK51 Smart High PrecisIon Pressure Transmitter

WNK59 Smart Pressure Transmitter

WNK52 Smart Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

WNK55 Smart High Precision Differential Pressure Transmitter

WNK50 Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

WNK57 Smart Single Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter

WNK58 High Temperature Double Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter

Product feature

1. High reference accuracy up to 0.075%.

2. Long-term drift  ≤±0.25%URL for 1 year.

3. Hart, PROFIBUS-PA or FF protocol for option.

4. Intrinsically safe and flameproof explosion proof

5. Range down ratio 100:1

6. Smart type for easy calibration

Product application

1. Gauge & absolute pressure measurement in gases, steam or liquids in all areas of of engineering process and measurement.

2. Level, volume or mass  measurement in liquids.

3. Working with detecting element, measure the flow of gases, steam and liquid flow.( volume and mass flow)

4. High pressure up to 700bar.