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Sensitivity of the sensor

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Sensitivity of the sensor

Agility refers to the ratio of the output change △y to the input change △x of the sensor under steady-state working conditions.   

It is the slope of the output-input characteristic curve. If the sensor's output and input show a linear relationship, the agility S is a constant. Otherwise, it will change with the input quantity.   

The dimension of agility is the ratio of the dimension of output and input. For example, for a certain displacement sensor, when the displacement changes by 1mm, the output voltage changes by 200mV, and its agility should be expressed as 200mV/mm.  

When the dimensions of the sensor's output and input are the same, the agility can be understood as the magnification.   

Improved agility, can get higher measurement accuracy. However, the higher the agility, the narrower the measuring range, and the less chaotic nature.