SPS Intelligent Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch
  • SPS Intelligent Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch
  • SPS Intelligent Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch
  • SPS Intelligent Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch
  • SPS Intelligent Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch

SPS Intelligent Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch



SPS - electronic pressure switch, transmitter and display in one device.

      SPS pressure switch is designed for pressure monitoring and measurement in liquid and gaseous media. The SPS is suited for general industrial applications such as in mechanical manufacturing, in machine tool systems, in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, for pressure monitoring and control and for pumps and compressors. It is pressure switch, transmitter and display in one device. In its standard configuration it has optional two switching outputs (PNP or NPN), an analog output signal (0...20mA| 4…20 mA or 0...5V| 0…10 V) as well as with RS485 Link.

     The pressure switch SPS takes the high integrated ARM industrial-grade MCU as the core. And by combining high-precision AD switch, high stabile pressure sensor and carefully adjustment, the SPS ensures fast-speed and precise pressure measurement and switch movement. The setup using the three big back-lighted buttons and the display on machine make it very easy for on-site parameters setting.

     There is a large number of measurement ranges available from a smallest measurement range of -0.1…0.1MPa to 60MPa. In addition, the SPS offers absolute gage and negative ranges. The zero point can be adjusted by bottons. The SPS has a circularly welded stainless steel membrane without internal sealing elements, thus it is well suited for a large variety even of corrosive media. And there are various optional processing connectors.

      Supporting standard MODBUS, the SPS makes it possible to remote data collection and parameters setting, helping customers free from buying extra communication adapters. For electrical connection the PBS has an M12x1 connector.

      The SPS is compactly designed, housing with electrical connection against processing connection rotatable 330°, display against housing turnable 180°, making it very easy for on-site installation and monitoring.


1. Mechanical manufacturing,

2. Machine tool systems,

3. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems,

4. Pressure monitoring and control

5. Pumps and compressors



1. Gas and liquid pressure measurement

2. PNP switching, voltage and current outputs

3. Switching  points settable

4. Switching can be set normally open / normally closed

5. Supporting Switching delay

6. Various analog output ways available

7. Displaying pressure peak value and environment temperature

8. Analog output span settable

9. High light switch indicating

10. OLED self-luminous display

11. Display reversing 180°

12. Housing with electrical connection against process connection rotatable 330°

13. Industrial touch button

14. Various display pressure units

15. Parameters setting up for Password protection

16. Optional Chinese and English menu

17. Support MODBUS

Technical Parameters:

Pressure range

-1.0...0.1MPa to 60MPa



Supply power range   


Temperature error within rated

   temperature range

±0.02%FS/℃ (Zero/full span)

Long-term stability


Analog output accuracy


Measurement media

Gas and liquid

Output configurations


switching+voltage+ communication


switching+current+ communication

2×PNP + 0mA/4mA20Madc + MODBUS

Switching current


Switching type

normally  open  ,     normally  closed

Switching  respond  time


Switching  delay 


Switching motion mode

delay or windows mode

Analog signal output and maximum ohmic load RL


Current output

0/4…20mA20…4/0mA RL≤0.5kΩ

Voltage output

0…5/10V5/10…0V RL>10kΩ

Screen display


Menu language

English, Chinese

Switching instruction

2X red LED

Displaying pressure units



3X blue back-lighted touch buttons

Displaying supplementary variables

environment temperature, analog output value,maximum pressure peak value,minimum pressure peak value

Supplementary variables displaying mode

fixed displaying or INFO button Switching display

Working temperature


Media temperature


Storage temperature


Electromagnetism compatible

GB/T 17626.2/3/4-2006

Shock resistance

≤10g/10Hz...500Hz(IEC 60068-2-6-2007)

Vibration resistance

≤50g/11ms(IEC 60068-2-27-2008)

IP rating



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