Technical exchange of WNK new products with Anhui CONCH Information Technology Engineering Co., LTD.

On 24th, March, we are invited by Anhui CONCH Information Technology Engineering Co., LTD. to attend their technical seminar on technical exchange of WNK new products. Our several technical experts paticipated the seminar.


The seminar focused on structure and constitution, working principle and application of WNK5 series high accuracy intelligent pressure transmitters. In addition, our experts gave a detialed introduction about features of WNK55 differential pressure transmitters, especially about gauge, absolute and differential pressure measuring features in gas, steam and liquid in various processing control fields.


WNK5 series pressure transmitters are top performance products among WNK pressure transmitters. It transforms collected physical signal of pressure, differential pressure and level to standard signal via collecting cell sensor and digital processing circuit. WNK5 adopts advanced specified integrated circuit digital technology to realize best uniformity of accuracy and signal. The series products have bagan mass produced and widely applied in various industries like metallurgy, petrol, chemical, power, light manufacturing, textile, food etc.


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